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Manufacturers And Exporter Stainless Steel Flanges

Flanges are small metal parts used to join pipes,valves and other equipments. They play an important role in connecting two different pipes. Sectional beams have flanges that are connected to perform their functions. Even nuts and bolts can include flanges. Flanges have a number of holes that connect pipes very strongly. Though stainless steel flanges are more common a wide variety of materials is used to make different flanges. At Trimac, we manufacture flanges of different sizes and shapes that suit the requirements of respective customers.

Different types of flanges :

Threaded flanges : These types have an internal thread that fits with matching thread on another pipe. These are also called as screwed flange.With use of this type welding can be avoided, but it is not suitable for high pressure and temperature.

Slip on flanges : These type of flanges are available in large variety of sizes and is the most commonly available among all types. The installation of this flange includes more of a technical aspect and it needs to be matched with the outer diameter before fixing.

Blind Flanges : These can be more precisely referred to as boltable discs. With the use of blind flanges the pipe systems can be isolated from one end. This is temporary fix and can be removed when required.